2019 Wedding Crashers Parnters


Rima Brindamour, the photographer behind Brindamour Photography, is known for her intimate, calm, colorful style, always landing on the side of timeless rather than trendy. She looks at weddings as a collaborative creative experience and expects her couples to participate in the process so the final work is reflective of their individual personalities and the unique day they've planned. Brindamour Photography offers video services and photobooths so you can take care of all your wedding's creative needs at once!

Travel to your most important day in style! The New York Trolley Company can fit your entire bridal party and transport you from the hotel to the ceremony to photo locations and finally to the venue. We can also become a unique shuttle bringing guests to the venue in memorable style. Instead of using an NYC limo service, stand out with a trolley. Our trolleys are safe, clean, dependable, and the best wedding transportation in NYC! Plus., they look great in wedding photos and there's no better place to have a champagne toast after the ceremony!

New York Trolley will be shuttling Wedding Crashers guests from the F/G stop at Carroll Street to 501 Union and The Green Building throughout the fair, from noon to 4pm on March 17.


Your wedding gown represents many wonderful memories of your most special day, a cherished memento to pass down as an heirloom to your children and grandchildren. To protect your treasured possession, you’ll need a wedding gown preservation company to clean and safeguard it for generations to come.

Wedding dress cleaners and preservationists, Bridgestone Cleaners is Brooklyn’s only certified wedding gown specialist. We are an award-winning, trusted source that uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for you, your most prized items and the environment. We provide the highest level of service, professionalism and attention to detail.

Our wedding gown preservation process begins with a thorough examination to check for anything in need of repair. Next, our specially trained wedding dress cleaners carefully pre-treat stains, even sugary spills that aren’t apparent at first, but develop over time into ugly brown stains. Then, we gently clean it using our non-toxic cleaning solutions. Once cleaned, it is hand-finished, arranged, inspected and stored in an acid-free, museum quality box which has been specially designed to protect your gown from air and light. You can relax as we provide a lifetime guarantee against both caramelized sugar stains and yellowing.
Ensure that your bridal gown lasts as long as your memories. Call the wedding gown preservation specialists at Bridgestone Cleaners today at 718-222-9958 or click here to schedule a free pick-up in Brooklyn or Manhattan.